Tuesday, January 6, 2015

LEG PRESS MACHINE: For greater emphasis on the quadriceps

Leg press machines provide an alternative to the traditional squat by bringing the weight to you. These machine types feature either a 45-degree tilted “sled” that features a platform and moving weight rack or a lever platform that moves horizontally from a seated position. The leg press machine has some distinct advantages over other exercises and machines like it, especially for its muscle targeting purposes. The leg press machine acts as a guide to proper leg and back positioning for you as you work your quadriceps.  Body Boyz United workout plan:

Emphasizing the Quadriceps

The quadriceps muscles are a group of four muscles in the front of your thighs that help you kick and lift your legs. Although the action of a leg press machine may closely mirror a squat, the leg press machine places greater emphasis on the quadriceps, according to “Muscle & Fitness” magazine. While you utilize less stabilizer muscles, such as the glutes and hamstrings, having your legs in the air and pushing against the platform places greater emphasis on the thighs. When you are really working to build your quadriceps, the leg press machine especially targets these muscles.

Foot Position Changes

The leg press machine typically features a wide platform that allows you to change your foot positioning to target different aspects of your legs. For example, moving your feet higher up on the platform helps to target your butt muscles in addition to your thighs. If you move your feet lower on the platform, you will further target your quadriceps muscles. 

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