Friday, January 2, 2015

The perfect time to get fit!

Model: Glenn Miller - Photo by: Steven Williams

It's a New Year! That means its the perfect time to be committed to a new fitness lifestyle! In your quest for a better and healthier you, its important to set small goals that you can achieve. Also, its important to have a fitness plan. We recommend starting with Body Boyz United fitness model "Glenn Miller Weekly Workout Plan." Glenn Miller's workout plan is great for beginner and intermediate trainers. The plan covers all the muscle groups in a simple four (4) day week exercise regimen, and the fifth day as a mix and match to work on muscle groups that need extra attention. Also, remember a healthy diet with daily vitamins and supplements are equally important. For this and  other workout plans visit: Body Boyz United   ~ Empowering U2B-Body Fit! Follow us: Facebook, Instagram & Twitter

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