Monday, January 5, 2015

WARM-UP: Your body before any physical activity

It's important to warm up your body before any physical activity. Warming up goes a long way toward preparing the body for exercising, both physically and mentally. Most importantly, it can help prevent injuries. The term "warm-up" describes many light-aerobic and cardiovascular activities, which should last about 5-10 minutes, and done before stretching. Yes, stretching works best when performed after warming up. When you warm up, you are literally warming up the temperature of both your body and your muscles in preparation for your intense gym workout.

Benefits of Warming up:
·         increases your heart and respiratory rate
·         boosts the amount of nutrients and oxygen delivered to your muscles
·         prepares the body for a demanding workout
·         makes it easier to burn calories
·         extends your workout

Types of Warm-Ups:
Is simply the activity you are about to do but at a slower pace.
Brisk Run or Sprints:  If you're about to go for a brisk run or sprint, warm up with a light jog.
Weight Training: Lift and lower your weights slowly. If you have to swing to get the weight up, chances are you're using too much weight.

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